Read More Women This Year!


(photo and orginal story from the people at Buzzfeed:

A delightful lady, Johanna Walsh, has made bookmarks celebrating women writers. She has unofficially declared 2014 the Year of Reading Women.

As a bibliophile, I feel like it’s my duty to join in. Women who I think you should read?

Jane Austen, Jennifer Cruise, J.K. Rowling (don’t judge me putting all the J names together) Agatha Christie, Tamora Pierce, Shannon Hale, Hiromu Arakawa, Janet Evanovich, Rhys Bowen, Cecelia Ahern, Meg Cabot, Louisa May Alcott, Laura Ignalls Wilder, Lucy Maud Montgomery, and Cornelia Funke  

As a bonus: books with complex, well-written female protagonists (written by guys): The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde, Bloody Jack by L.A. Meyer

(sidenote: this would be so much easier if I could go to the library)


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