This Week in Comic Book Television: Arrow, Flash, and Agents of Shield.

So, as a science fiction/fantasy fangirl, I’ve been following these three shows pretty loyally since they started. (Except for Arrow, which I found mid-season 1, but okay.) I know the storylines. I know the characters.

I also know that if you’re not watching these, this Christmas is the time to catch up, before you miss all the awesomeness that is coming.

[Mind you major SPOILERS ahead for all three shows. So you’re warned.]

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Let’s start with the newbie, the Flash. Barry Allen’s Central City is the fun, quirky, less-jaded cousin to Starling City, and that’s fantastic, because too much dark depressing angst will kill your soul. Furthermore, it doesn’t feel the need to give up on some of those real human moments because it’s happy, and that’s even better.

The real kicker here: Dr. Wells. He purposefully chose Barry Allen. He seems handicapped, but can walk. He beat that one guy up, because reasons. He has the same yellow Flash suit as the so-called Reverse Flash. He also KNOWS THE FUTURE. This whole season has been one big Dr. Wells tease, and you should really get in on this so you can wait in anticipation for the reveal like the rest of us.

Switching networks to ABC, Agents of Shield has been telling us since day one that Skye’s real identity, i.e. her family, was important. So the Obelisk reveal, and meeting her father felt like a good solid pay-off. And then she got super powers. And Triplett died. It was heart-wrenching, almost as bad as watching Fitz and Simmons this season. (Where have the happy days gone, Mutant Enemy? Oh where?) But I will give that as much as I still secretly ship Skye and Ward, as much as I know he’s an evil psycho, there was something very satisfying in watching her shoot him. They might be even now, but I highly doubt he sees it that way. I cannot wait to see where he goes.

Last but not least, this week’s Arrow began by putting a timelock on the “Who killed Sarah?” mystery, something that will only benefit everyone in the long run. ┬áThe Thea reveal, much like the Skye reveal, felt natural and accounted for. But then the writers went crazy.

They stabbed Oliver Queen and pushed him off a cliff. In case anyone hasn’t noticed, he’s the Arrow. As in the name of the show. Which means they’re going to either have to come up with some crazy way to resurrect him, play out the rest of Arrow as a flashback (please no, as they are my least favorite bit of this show), or invent some ridiculous “it was all a dream” or “hallucinogens” theory. I’m hoping Thea saves his butt, but one never knows. I will reserve judgement on this plot device until I see its conclusion.